How to become a real Restaurant Chef?

This post is an introduction to whole journey of this blog. So what it takes to become a restaurant chef? Yes, I know what it takes because I achieved my dream to become a restaurant chef 4 years ago and I can say that it takes a lot more than you think and a lot more than this video can show. Firstly, you have to train yourself very hard to remember different thing like recipes, ingredients and how to properly prepare them. Secondly, you have to work very quickly and automatically do everything without any doubt. Thirdly, you have to understand efficiency and how to work as a team effectively. If you want to become a restaurant chef you have to be very disciplined, skilled and calm under pressure. So as you can see from this video cooks train themselves not less than NBA professional basketball players, these guys are real peak-performers.

The Best Vape Juice For Cloud Chasers

cloud chasing

The Best Vape Juice For Cloud Chasers

If you’re a cloud chaser, you know that certain e-juices work and others don’t. You have likely tried and tested a few yourself. The secret lies in the VG content of the e-juices you’re already using. You can turn almost any vape juice into a massive cloud. Many cloud chasers, like yourself, have said they mix 50% more VG base into their e-juice for a great effect. The more VG content your e-juice has, the more chance there is to make a cloud of smoke. So, when you’re inspecting a variety of e-juices, keep that in mind. Suddenly, your classic favorites can be mixed to maintain flavor while still giving you the cloud you’re looking for.

Of course, the e-juice suppliers have heard your call for bigger clouds. So, there are many brands that offer a variety of flavors already puffing massive clouds into the air. The bigger the cloud, the better the vibe, right?  These companies have started increasing the VG content, which saves you the mixing process and the potential mess of trying to make your own clouds. So let’s take a look at some of the recommended brands for cloud chasers.

Highlander Dripping Juice

Many vape users suggest the Highlander Dripping juice for cloud chasers. These e-juices are designed with cloud chasers in mind, offering premium flavor profiles that please the taste buds of every vape user.

Puff Vapors

This Las Vegas based vape company is famous for the clouds delivered with each of their e-juice flavors. They’ve combined high quality ingredients and delicious flavor, providing you with lasting enjoyment. The clouds are just a major bonus, bound to lift your faith in the company. They’ve also got quite the variety of flavors.

Mt. Baker Vapor 100% VG

As the title suggests, this is an e-juice with 100% VG. The clouds that come off this e-juice are massive, bound to make you feel like you’ve hot boxed yourself in a small room. While this VG content isn’t universal to all their e-juice flavors, it is still a good buy for cloud chasers. Make sure to read the VG percentage before you check out your choice of flavor!

Cloud Chasers Inc.

Cloud Chasers have even named themselves to draw the attention of vape users. These e-juices have a 90% VG content universally across their premium flavors. At Cloud Chasers, you don’t need to inspect the contents of each flavor to find the best e-juice for clouds. Instead, you can choose a flavor based on your taste buds, and let the clouds speak for themselves.

When it comes to cloud chasing, there can be a trial and error for e-juices. You may find certain companies advertise a higher VG content than is actually in the bottle, leaving you with smaller clouds than you hoped for. If that’s the case, you can always contact the customer service department of the e-juice you purchased. But, the e-juices listed above are already tried and tested. These e-juices are perfect for cloud chasers, just like you.

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